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The Cornerstone Spa is a sacred space of healing and refuge devoted to enriching the lives of our clients through a variety of professional services that promote the renewal of body, mind, and spirit.

This holistic approach is the fundamental Cornerstone of the Spa

Are you walking around with a restless feeling? Pain in your back, shoulders, neck? Does your life seem okay, but sometimes you feel like something is not right? Maybe you have participated in group Yoga classes but find they don't really have a long term effect? Then Yoga Therapy is a good solution for you.

"The need for each person to be taught individually was well understood in ancient times"

Contact Rachel ( for more information and to book an appointment.

Rachel Feddes

Patanjali refers to it in the Yoga Sutras. Tailor made, individual practices so that the practitioner can shine. A standardized approach doesn't work.   

Rachel is a gentle, empathetic therapist who will guide you using the appropriate tools of Yoga. At your initial consult you will be interviewed and observed to get an overall picture of your health status and to understand what benefits you would like to see from your work with Yoga. A possible course of action is determined and a personalized and evolving Yoga practice will be created; tailored to your needs and time.  

This is how you can work in a safe way, at your own pace. Your complaints will disappear and you will learn to take good care of yourself. You are going to be more yourself. You can S.H.I.N.E.



  • S elf empowering

  • H olistic

  • I ndividualized

  • N on-invasive

  • E volving process




copyright Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

Essential Oils
Turkish Delight      

The Cornerstone Spa welcomes you to melt away in their Steam Room!

Around the world and throughout the ages steam has been traditionally used to promote health and vitality.

  • physically relaxes the body

  • calms the nervous system

  • increases blood and lymph circulation

  • loosens tight muscles

  • reduces chronic pain

  • improves skin tone and complexion

  • strengthens the immune system

  • induces mental relaxation

  • promotes better sleep

  • relieves sinus congestion

  • facilitates soft tissues detoxification

  • promotes deeper more effective breathing

  • speeds removal of metabolic waste

  • stimulates the release of endorphins

  • considered by many cultures to be the fountain of youth











The steam room may be booked for private use or for groups of up to three. (Additional guests $5 ea.)


30 minutes  $27.50 (+ H.S.T.)


Combined with Signature Spa Service

30 minutes  $19.80 (+ H.S.T.)

Card passes are available (with four sessions the fifth is free).


Call to book your

Turkish Delight / Steam Treatment now!


Enjoy an aromatic steam of lavender, eucalyptus, or our essential oil blends.

Buddha Statue
128 Albert Street
Clinton ON Canada N0M 1L0
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