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Our clients filled that space with life. The real significance is the impact of that. This will always overwhelm us with unbound warmth and infinite gratitude. When it comes to a sacred space the building is inert. It’s the people that have walked through the Spa doors that transformed it.


Ironically enough our clients were the Cornerstone of our many years of experience. With great love, we thank you.


Denise and Danielle

****Yes the Spa has sold****


October 2022 Update


Dear Clients,


These days we are often at a loss for words. In truth there is so much that we would like to convey. The Cornerstone Spa, aptly named as it’s meaning suggests being a keystone of importance, foundational in nature. We wanted to be that for you. We all need a place to go to feel better, don’t we? We hoped to be that place of significance. In the last twenty-eight years of being in business this is what we’ve learned about significance. We’ve had the privilege of spending time with clients laughing, healing, sharing stories, shedding tears. We’ve been with you through births, deaths, graduations, first kisses, sprained ankles, weddings and cancer. Yes, there were always massages and esthetics going on. More importantly, we held space for you.

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The Cornerstone Spa is a sacred space of healing and refuge devoted to enriching the lives of our clients through a variety of professional services that promote the renewal of body, mind, and spirit.

This holistic approach is the fundamental Cornerstone of the Spa

Honouring Outstanding Gift Cards


a) Schedule an appointment prior to November 28th, 2022.

Demand overwhelming. Availability limited.


b) Use toward Cornerstone Spa retail and products.



c) Organize reimbursement with us.



d) Elect to donate remaining balances to Huron Hospices.


Phone: 519-482-1205

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